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Who we are and what we do!

An Unknown, whom everybody knows.

"Oh, you're the ones who do that!..." This is a reaction we hear often.
Our services - for example, the play city Mini-Munich, the Forum of Children and Youths in the city hall or the projects in the "Pasinger Fabrik" (the „Factory in Pasing“) - are known to many. Our organization though, the association „Kultur und Spielraum“ is known only to a few. That’s what happens, when you put your work in the foreground.

So: Kultur und Spielraum e.V. is a group of social and culture pedagogues, artists and teachers. For over 20 years we have been planning and organizing culture projects for children, youths and adults as an independent agency of the city youth office of Munich.
With these projects, each year we reach 30.000-50.000 participants/visitors. Many of our projects have gained the character of a role model and are used as examples for similar actions in other German cities.

Nomen est omen.

The name Kultur und Spielraum is content and program at the same time.
We define culture in a very broad way. Culture is the basis for every learning process, for knowledge and capabilities. Culture is also the way we manage this knowledge. Fantasy, creativity, thinking in interrelations and openness for changes belong to it. Culture is education, not only in the sense of general education but especially in the education of the personality. Culture is the way we treat each other. We want to help children and youths to go their very own way.
Playing is the best way to capture the reality by means of fantasy and to train one’s abilities. In play we can forcelessly try out new things, can find surprising solution strategies that promote creativity. Playing is the contrary pole to linear learning processes which force all activities to be useful. That is why playing is liberating. It helps to overcome the fear of failure and negative attitudes. It helps to be courageous and have positive experiences. And above all: It’s fun.
Imagination is more important than knowledge says Albert Einstein. We do everything to support it. Totally playful. Space is necessary for the child’s learning process in two ways. First in a figurative sense, as a construct of ideas in which you concern yourself with a topic - and second as an actual playing and learning space.
It is our task to „build“ and organize both. The more stimulating the spaces (rooms) that we build are, the more profitable the time spent in them will be.

What is important to us.

All our projects are laid out in such a way that they encourage children to actively participate. In contrast to usual „events“ that you consume in a passive way, we support taking part, because only through taking part you can discover your own possibilities.

That also applies to mental activities. One of our main concerns is to make children and youths more competent in dealing with themselves and with each other.

We want to help them to develop their very own personal capabilities and strenghts, so that it is possible for them not only to overcome social disadvantages but also deficits of the affluent society (e.g. lack of affection or consumer-thinking). That is why we pay a lot of attention on creating an environment in which your personality and not your outfit is important.

Our projects are planned long-term-wise. Any kind of positive change needs its time. And finally of course we know that kids want to have fun and enjoy themselves. They don’t want to have humorless tutors or obdurate pedagogues. They want to have real human beings with composure and life experience. We attach a lot of importance to that. We might have our theories (and the frequency in which our pioneer projects get picked up elsewhere shows that they are not bad), but in practice they should’t prevail. How good one can treat children shows in everyday life.
We are proud, that we are extremely fit for everyday life. The stomach simply belongs to the brain.

The working fields of Kultur und Spielraum

With variety against one-sidedness.

One of the most despicable and thoughtless words in the German language is „Kinderkram“ (in essence „gibberish“). What contempt, what overbearing simple-mindedness is in enclosed in that word! It is our goal to make a stand against this - on a wide scope with a variety of working fields that supplement each other:

• Children- and youth culture workshops
• City games and play cities
• Children and politics
• Conception and animation of exhibits
• Aesthetic education
• Historical learning
• Promotion of reading and production of literature
• Theatre pedagogy
• Media / new media pedagogy

The projects of Kultur und Spielraum

More than puppet shows and sugar candy.

Children are critical and picky. Who tries to fob them off with overhauled „success recipies“ and second-class („for children that’s good enough“) won’t be able to reach them. We take children seriously in the whole range of their personality and offer them a broad spectrum of programs to learn, astonish, motivate and participate.

• Play city Mini-Munich
• Forum of Children and Youths
• The holiday academy „Kunst and Krempel“ („Art and Stuff“)
• Theatre festival of the Munich schools
• Children’s film festival and puppet theatre festival
• Kite festival
• Fairy tale playroom
• Classical Music Workshop for Children
• Participation-Exhibit „Worldtrips without holiday-dreams“
• Housing project „So ein Wohnsinn“
• Youth art project: „Connected Vienna - Munich - Prague“
• Play and activity area accompanying the Munich Book Exhibit (Münchner Bücherschau)
• „Fun fair Europe“ and exhibition project „Europe in a Suitcase“
• Tutoring suitcase „Confounded Beauty“
• City area maps for kids

Workshop for children and youths in the Pasinger Fabrik („Factory in Pasing“)

Thinking factory. Dream Factory. Fun Factory.

The workshop for children and youths in the Pasinger Fabrik is a cultural institution for the west of Munich which is not exactly inundated in this respect. Due to the quality of our program it has acquired an outstanding reputation in the entire city and region of Munich.

• Courses and Workshops
• Exhibits
• Literature, media and art projects
• Festivals and competitions
• Childrens gallery
• Childrens cinema and childrens theatre
• 1. Munich Childrens Café
• Housing workshop
• Newcomers competition „Kabarett Kaktus“ („Cabaret Cactus“)

Workshop for children and youths in the Seidlvilla Schwabing

Schwabing without commerce.

The workshop for children and youths in the Seidlvilla is a popular meeting place for the Munich quarter Schwabing. As one of the last commerce-free zones in this area it sets up a significant counterweight in the social education of the children of this quarter.

• Courses and workshops (main emphasis: aesthetic education in cooperation with artists, actors and producers of videos)
• Events
• Childrens café with internet access
• In the summer childrens circus in the garden
• City quarter programs: Parent-Children-Workshops
• Sunday breakfast

Culture pedagogical service

Active shaping instead of passive consuming.

Who experiences the world only through the media easily becomes a specator in his or her own life. That is why we travel through the whole city with mobile programs, to stimulate, to activate, to support initiative and creativity. So that everybody understands: Doing things yourself is more pleasant then letting things get done for you.

• Development of model projects
• Art projects for children
• Development of city games
• Play city organizations
• City exploring games
• Historical play areas
• Exhibition animation
• Project workshop school
• Childrens culture trading market
• Games and events for anniversaries and city festivals
• Publications

Play city Mini-Munich

Mayor at the age of 11.

Mini-Munich is the play city of the Munich children. With everything that belongs to a real city, from the mayor to the TV-Studio. Playfully and realisticly at the same time children are introduced to the mechanisms of social life. In this context the contact with children of different nationalities is particularly important.

• Largest holiday play program of the city of Munich
• Every two years in the Olympic Park
• The entire city administration is in the hands of the children
• Over 800 work places in about 80 areas
• Visited by up to 1500 children daily
• Mini-Munich online: www.minimuenchen.info

Honoured with the German Childrens Culture Price 1999

Kids and politics

This is how politics is fun.

That’s the special thing about the Munich Congress of Children and Youths: Politicians often talk about kids - here they talk with kids. And if they make a promise, they have to keep it. They are reminded to do so by a handkerchief with a knot tied in it which is handed over to them ceremoniously.
Some of the work the Permanent Representation of the Interests of the Munich Children does:

• Forums of Children and Youths in the city hall
• Mobile Forums of Children and Youths in the city quarters
• Actions and projects on youth participation in city politics and city design
• Acitivities on childrens rights
• Kids editorial office: „Jetzt oder nie“ („Now or never“)
• Consultation hours for children and grown-ups
• Publications
• Childrens-Activity-Suitcase „It depends on the perspective!“

Publishing house and publications

Building a better world for children.

Our extensive publishing programm offers a multitude of building blocks for that purpose. With literature from kids, about kids and for kids.
(And of course for teachers and parents as well.)

• Practise manuals on different subjects, from residing and childrens politics to literature and art.
• Tutoring materials
• Project documentations
• Congress reports
• Game posters
• Books and audiobooks written by children
• The „Schnippelbuch“ („Cutting Book“) with graphic picture patterns

Service and suppliance

The best experience is the one that you pass on.

Kultur und Spielraum sees itself as a multiplier. We do not want to hoard our competence, but pass it on - on behalf of the children and to the benefit of society. Our services comprise:

• Suppliance of experience and consulting
• The passing on of project building blocks that have been tested in practice
• Planning of seminars, congresses, workshops, festivals and expos
• Planning and carrying out of city games, play activities, school parties, project weeks and participation models
• Conception of exhibits on children and youth relevant topics

Among our cooperation partners and clients are the city of Munich and other communities (among others Ancona, Bari, Bozen, Berlin, Edinburth, Florence, Luxemburg, Ludwigsburg, Prachatice, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna), institutes and companies (Bayerischer Jugendring - Bavarian Youth Ring, Deutscher Sportbund - German Sport Association, Deutsches Jugendinstitut - German Youth Institute, Deutscher Caritas-Verband, German Caritas, Evangelische Akademie Tutzing - Protestant Academy of Tutzing, bfw-Berufsfortbildungswerk - Institute of Advanced Job Instruction, Tandem-Koordinierungszentrum für den deutsch-tschechichschen Jugendaustausch - Tandem-Centre of Coordination of the German-Czech Youth Exchange, anstiftung GmbH Munich, BMW AG)

Kultur & Spielraum e.V. Munich
Ursulastraße 5
80802 Munich
Telephone: 089 -34 16 76
Fax 089 -34 16 77

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Das Schnippelbuch
Das schwarz-weiß Bilderarchiv mit über 10.000 graphischen Zeichnungen und Bildern aus vielen Themenbereichen ist wieder verfügbar. Beispiele und Bestellung